Saturday, February 20, 2016

Etsy Shop

It seems I am always having ideas about something. Lately it's been ideas about crafting and Etsy.

I enjoy crafting and sewing, but you can only give so many of your creations away before you run out of people and you're left with a whole lot of stuff. 

 --Can I just say Pinterest is no help whatsoever there. I am continuously drawn to the Craft/DIY section, wanting to try out something new.--

For the past several months I have considered the idea of starting up my own shop on Etsy. 
In the shop I want to offer things I've made myself--completely from scratch--and things I have refashioned from thrift stores and such.
The plan is by starting up an Etsy shop it will help me be able to continue my crafting, while at the same time finding another home for the new creation.
I started it up a few weeks ago, so it's still very fresh. It is also slow going at the moment trying to get things listed. However, I have managed to list half a dozen items. 

Here are a few thing you can find in the shop. To see more you can check it out here.

Thanks for stopping!

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