Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hoping In Your Love

There once was a girl who had hope.
At first it was in things~dolls, ponies, and bows,
but they didn't satisfy her.
After all, they didn't talk.
As she became older she decided to hope in people,
which was much better, because they could hug, talk, and love her.
However, during her saddest and worst times, those people were no longer there.
What was wrong?
She couldn't put hope in things, because they couldn't love her back.
She couldn't put hope in people, because they sometimes let her down.
Then one day a King came along and showed himself strong and mighty to this girl.
He promised to love her, in spite of what she had done wrong.
He promised to give her peace, love, joy, and forgiveness but on one condition~
She must put all of her hope in Him.
It was all or nothing.
What could the girl do?
She truly had tried hoping in all other things, but it just did not work.
Why not try this hope the King was offering her?
What did she have to lose?
So she said, yes.
Today she still is saying yes to this King.
Because never has He once given her reason to doubt His promises.
He has always been faithful,
which gives her reason to continue hoping in His love.

"And now, Lord, what wait I for? my hope is in thee." Psalm 39:7

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