Friday, December 16, 2011

Clementine Patterns

When I was younger, my mom taught me how to do embroidery. I was not wonderful at it, but I tried. I eventually burnt out on the sewing. Now that I am older, I am beginning to appreciate sewing and embroidered work more. I even made some embroidered gifts this year for Christmas! (I will post pictures later.)

Now to the point of my post...speaking of embroidery...I found this really neat Etsy shop that sales embroidery patterns. It is a mother-daughter team. The patterns are creative and beautiful!

Check out her blog also if you get a chance...the pictures she takes are wonderful!

Also (off topic), just wanted to say I hope everyone is having a great Christmas season!

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  1. I remember sitting by my grandmother learning how to embroider. What a gift to have her undivided attention and be in her calm presence.